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Date: 11-13 MAGGIO 2023

Luogo / City:  Capri (NA)

Sede / Venue: Centro Polifunzionale Internazionale - sala Luigi Pollio


Director: Dr Michele D'Alto

Scientific Committee
Michele D'Alto, Paola Argiento, Emanuele Romeo

E.C.M. - Continuing Medical Education
The event has been accredited in the Continuing Medical Education Program of Italian Ministry of Health.
Event number 372171.
The ECM credits will be provided to specialists in Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Respiratory diseases, Rheumatology, Internal medicine, Anesthesia & Reanimation, Radio diagnostics.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is a rare disease with unfavorable prognosis (whose incidence is 50 cases per million population). Currently, most patients are untimely diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension when the disease is already advanced (NYHA/WHO Class III or IV). In this situation, the effectiveness of the therapy is significantly reduced. Moreover, many patients do not undergo all the diagnostic tests foreseen by the algorithm based on the Guidelines (2022 ESC/ERS Guidelines) leading to probably wrong or incomplete diagnosis which significantly impact on those patients’ prognosis.
Recent scientific findings have highlighted the need for an association (i.e., more aggressive) therapy from the early stages of the disease to significantly reduce pulmonary vascular resistance and favor right ventricular remodeling for better prognosis and longer survival. This is particularly true in those cases of pulmonary hypertension without cardiovascular comorbidities. Finally, there is stronger and stronger need to collect clinical data in national and international databases to detect the phenotypic features of the disease and its response to different drugs.
The aim of this Congress is to focus on the most recent findings about pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and treatment with prominent worldwide experts. In particular, the hottest and most controversial topics will be discussed by largely using personal clinical experience. The ultimate goal is to increase participants’ knowledge about pulmonary hypertension and to foster cooperation among Health Centers by creating a national and international network.

Registration fee: € 500,00 + VAT
Includes: coffee breaks, work lunches, certificate of attendance, congress kit


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